Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Wonderful World of Wontons

Me and Pauline with the stir fry.

Hello loyal blog-readers! This is Johanna speaking, part-time and unofficial resident at Baldwin. After a spectacular lunch of reheated lentil soup and croissants a la cheese and canned ham, Pauline and I trekked over to the now infamous Chinese grocery store for some supper prep. Ariel and Danielle had arrived at the apartment a couple hours earlier excitedly bearing a stack of amazingly cheap frozen wontons (140 for $10!), and our plan for the evening meal had expanded to wonton soup, stir fry and rice, brownies, and pina coladas.

The wonton soup was a particular hit, and was suprisingly easy.

Ariel adding the egg.
The first step was to make a chicken broth. We used a mysterious Chinese container of 'Chicken Flavour' that Pauline and I had located after a long search through the many bottles of crab, beef and squid extract. Once that was nice and hot, we added in two packages of the wontons, and some sliced green onions and black pepper for flavour.

As a final touch, for extra class and deliciousness, Ariel cracked an egg into a bowl, beat it with a fork, and poured it into the hot soup. The egg cooked nicely in the broth and was a really fine addition to the dish.

All in all, it was a thoroughly satisfying meal. The after dinner drinks were a particularly nice and rounded off a lovely evening. Until my next cooking adventure at this gourmet flat, happy eating!


Ariel's amazing Cream Cheese Brownies.

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