Thursday, August 26, 2010

Giving our Kitchen a 'Ninja Clean'

Baldwin is a magical apartment inhabited by three girls who like to experiment with recipes and such.  I, Danielle, am the lady friend of one of these girls - Ariel -  and although I am not much for the cookin', I do like some good bloggin'.  In exchange for sharing in the spoils of the Baldwin Food Experiment, I thought I'd do some documentation work here (aka, there's nothing like hype to get people motivated!!!). 

But before the cooking even begins, we first had to clean the Baldwin Kitchen.  At left is the 'before' picture - a sad state of affairs.  
At right is me in the process of cleaning the kitchen.  Truth be told, the person who did most of the work was my girlfriend the Actual Baldwin Resident, however, I chipped in due to the promise of a photo shoot (keep in mind that I am so averse to cleaning I had to wear gloves even though I was relegated to dish drying duty). 

You may be wondering how we ever let the Baldwin Kitchen deteriorate to such a level.  Although the guilty party shall remain nameless, I can assure you that it was no one who will be featured regularly in this blog.
Pictured last is not only an 'after' shot but also a 'preview' - as I am contemplating a bowl of lentils we are soaking for a future batch of lentil soup.  We have had these lentils for many many months and I have finally convinced Ariel to use them because I am letting her puree them to death (thereby eliminating the lentil association). 

Stay posted for updates on our cooking adventures because I foresee many heart-warming, meal-centred experiences over here chez Baldwin. 


  1. I am excited to make outrageous things in this kitchen. LIKE THIS:

  2. This is amazing. Also, can I be there when that cake is made?