Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fuck yeah breakfast!

Hello! This is Pauline, the Baldwin Resident recently returned from Central Pennsylvania. As Ariel and I are currently on a giddy pre-semester cooking binge (call it the honeymoon phase of this project), we made outrageous breakfast for ourselves and Danielle this morning. Danielle sat in then den in her hoodie looking sleepy and bemused as Ariel and I went into transport of delight over the onions from Chinatown. These things are ridiculous. They're strong enough to make you cry if you're in the room down the hall and have been hiding from the whole cooking process (*cough* Danielle).

Anyway, Ariel & I are  in the middle of an infatuation with Hua-Sheng, the Chinese grocery store a block or south from us.  Six hefty blocks of fresh tofu will only cost you a dollar and sixty cents. This store and our apartment-family were made for each other.

On the menu this morning were vegan scrambled tofu, Ariel's strange and wonderful potato-feta-rosemary pancakes, and bacon, which kind of ruined the whole vegetarian theme.

This is our scrambled tofu recipe, adopted from Fresh (only a little less hardcore).

Saute either one regular onion (diced) or PART of one of the magical Chinatown ones, with three minced cloves of garlic until mostly translucent. Crumble somewhere between one and three blocks of the fresh tofu into the pan and cook for a couple of minutes (you need to do this with FRESH tofu, it's like heaven and hell compared to anything that comes wrapped in plastic). In the meantime, mix two teaspoons of dill weed with two teaspoons of garlic powder, a serious pinch of turmeric, and some ground salt and pepper. The turmeric will make the tofu all goldeny and allow you to convince your unsuspecting friends that they're being fed eggs. Add enough water to this mix to make a thin sauce, then pour this over the tofu and cook till the liquid has been mostly absorbed. Eat and marvel at the delicious onions.

While our breakfasts may devolve into more pedestrian dishes such as dry Cheerios during the semester, who wants to think about that? We're in love and willing to throw caution to the winds.

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